Tour de Vet 2016

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No wheel on our trailer……but Tour de Vet2 keeps rolling along

imageDay 13 and the remaining wheel on the remaining trailer, comes off. Bearing and axle failure and on closer inspection tyre failure was probably not far behind!

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Friday night this must be Oxford

Tour de Vet reaches OxfordTour de Vet reaches Oxford for an evening presentation with Oxford Cat Clinic.

The weekend starts tomorrow and we head South towards the Isle of Wight.

One wheel on our wagon, Tour de Vet2, week 1

It has been a week now since Tour de Vet 2 on behalf of (Cats Protection) started, and what a week both Margie and I have had.

Thanks to our charitable partners Onswitch, thank you Alison and Donald, we  were ferried to our starting point in Truro in some style.

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