The cycling team intend to visit each Practice individually and present relevant certified CPD topics in-house for the Vets and Vet Nurses. (Some Practices have opted for joint sessions with neighbouring Practices).

02/09/2016 St Andrews
03/09/2016 St Andrews to Dundalk
04/09/2016 Dundalk to Crainlarich
05/09/2016 Crainlarich to Fort William
06/09/2016 Fort Willian to Old Schoolhouse Harrapool
07/09/2016 Harrapool to Rhonna Cambell (Sluggans)
07/09/2016 Sluggans to Skaebost Bridge
Skaebost to Stornaway
09/09/2016 Stornaway via Ullapool
10/09/2016 Ullapool to Crask Inn or Scourie
11/09/2016 Crask Inn or Scourie to Betty Hill
12/09/2016 Betty Hill to Thurso
13/09/2016 Stromness to Kirkwall
14/09/2016 Kirkwall to Buriwck to Wick (Dunbeath)
15/09/2016 Wick or (Dunbeath) to Tain
16/09/2016 Tain to Dingwall
17/09/2016 Dingwall to Inverness
19/09/2016 Fochaber
20/09/2016 Fochaber to Turriff
21/09/2016 Turriff to Mintlaw to Old Meldrum
22/09/2016 Old Meldrum to Inverurie to Aberdeen